Information for incomings

Are you coming to Bilbao on a professional or research exchange this august?

This is your place, welcome!

We usually receive between 10 to 15 incomings each summer, and we always try to make you feel like you were home. We prepare lots of activities and a neat social program so you can visit other cities in the Basque country and really enjoy your exchange.

You will be lodged in flats near the city center with at least 3 other medicine students from around the world, so we hope you come with an open mind!

You’ll be doing your exchange program in Basurto’s Hospital, you can go there walking from your accomodation, although we recommend you to get a public transport monthly ticket (you can even go to the beach with it!).

We are sure you have lots of questions, feel free to ask your contact person, or send us a message on facebook, we are looking forward to meet you!